Berlinguer-Sallusti, the clash on TV: “My name is not Enrica”

Quarrel between the presenter and the journalist, ‘fault’ of the wrong names

“Enrica Berlinguer…”. Alessandro Sallusti gets Bianca Berlinguer’s name wrong and the atmosphere heats up on E’ semper Cartabianca on Rete 4. The journalist gets the presenter’s name wrong and the immediate reaction is triggered. “My name is Bianca, I find it really unpleasant… I consider it a huge compliment… Let me be very clear, I am very happy to be Enrico Berlinguer’s daughter…”, says Bianca Berlinguer. “My name is Alessandro”, says Sallusti, shortly before called ‘Andrea’ by the presenter.

“I was wrong, I called you Andrea and not with your father’s name in the female form”, insists Berlinguer. “The presenter of a major program shouldn’t make certain mistakes,” says Sallusti in the connection. “These are not the mistakes… Let’s forget about it…”, the presenter tries to comment. The climate remains hot and advertising is enough to raise the tone again: “If you ask a question, ask for an answer. It’s a quarter to midnight, what am I doing here?”, Sallusti blurts out.