Berlusconi, at the San Raffaele the John Travolta of Tú sí que vales: “I like Silvio” – Video

The ballet in front of the hospital

Among the comings and goings of Silvio Berlusconi’s children, on Easter evening a man, in a jacket and tie, with a distinguished air, makes his way through the journalists and rings at the entrance to the San Raffaele in via Olgettina 60, the one through which visitors pass of the leader of Forza Italia. “Who are you?” asks the security officer. Answer: “John Travolta”. Then the explanation to the reporters: “My name is Stefano Bonesini, I’m John Travolta of ‘Tú sí que vales’, Gerry Scotti’s stable, check on Google”. The search engine confirms: competitor in the 2019 edition of the Canale 5 program.

“I came because I like Silvio”, he explains, but only after praising his artistic skills – “I’m an actor, even in theatre” – and listing the films in which he has appeared. “I can give you my number, maybe you know some agents and you can help me with my career”, the insistent request to journalists stationed outside the hospital where the Arcore leader has been hospitalized for five days in intensive care and where ‘John Travolta’ – he says – he was “visiting several times, visiting my friends. I also met Berlusconi’s bodyguard”. Then the ballet in front of the hospital gate, complete with a move from ‘Saturday Night Fever’, before getting back in the car and returning to Verona.