Berlusconi becomes an avatar for Forza Italia in Paestum

The hologram of the Cav, who passed away on June 12th, has been created

There will be delegates and supporters of Forza Italia at the Berlusconi day in Paestum to welcome them an ‘avatar’ of Silvio. At the entrance to the Ariston hotel, the location chosen for the ‘three days’ in memory of the Cav, the organizers tell Adnkronos, a holographic fan will be set upin technical jargon, of approximately 60 cm, (the size of a normal floor fan) which will project the three-dimensional image of the Italian leader, who passed away on 12 June.

Guests of the event will be able to see Berlusconi’s silhouetteor rather, the almost life-size head, which he will smile and greet his ‘blue people’, gathered to commemorate him.

”Berlusconi’s image will be projected by the holographic fan, his silhouette will be transparent, as if he were floating”, explains those who worked on the graphic creation of the hologram, i.e. the ‘Crisalide’ team, a network of companies in the Neapolitan area, which reports to Professor Mario Migliulo.

Marta Fascina will not be there

It is unlikely that Marta Fascina will be there at the B Day in Paestum. You nor she should send a written greeting. Silvio Berlusconi’s partner will not listen to the advice of the former prime minister’s brother Paolo (“Silvio has left us momentarily, but he is always there, enough with the tears”) and will remain in Arcore. The promoters of the three days in memory of Cav, led by the regional coordinator in Campania, the MEP Fulvio Martusciello, are busy polishing the program of the event: there is still no definitive version complete with a lineup of speakers.

This is the second party initiative post Silvio, after the ‘Azzurra Libertà’ party in Gaeta, organized by young people in early September. The actor Giancarlo Giannini will ‘lend his voice’ to recall the historic speech at the US National Congress in 2006. But there is also a desire to move forward. The new course of Antonio Tajani’s secretariat began on the day of his inauguration and a new stage will be completed in Paestum.

In fact, on 1 October, the National Council will be held which will approve a series of statutory changes to prepare for the National Congress on 24-25 February, where Tajani’s leadership will be made official with the election of 4 of his deputies, barring surprises from the last moment, should a challenger appear for the number one seat of Forza Italia.

Tajani has Berlusconi’s family on his side, who have no interest, at least for now, in engaging directly in politics. In his first public outings as secretary, the deputy prime minister always made a point of ‘publicising’ the support of the Cav’s children. At present, it is not known what the contribution of the ‘Doctor’s’ family will be: excluding the physical presence of Marina and Piersilvio, they say, they are working on a written greeting.