Berlusconi, Cacciari: “Either he does not know what he is saying or it is a deliberate gesture to create a new crisis”

“He may have estimated that this government will not last and is beginning to distance himself”

On the ‘escape’ of the Berlusconi’s audio on Putin “there can be only two explanations: one is that the gentleman does not realize what he is saying, because beyond the merit they are statements that enormously damage the work of Meloni and the formation of this government and that weaken it more than is not already weak, the other is that the gesture is deliberate in order to make this government as precarious as ever in view of rapidly moving towards a new crisis. There are no other explanations. “It is the opinion of Massimo Cacciari who, with Adnkronos, pauses to analyze the possible reasons for the appearance of Silvio Berlusconi’s audios that have unleashed embarrassment and tension at national and international level in the delicate phase of forming the new executive.

“Either he is a person who by now does not fully realize what he is saying and no longer has much more self-censorship, lucky him, or it is done on purpose – emphasizes Cacciari – It is evident that a declaration of this kind made at this stage by a political leader committed to being the government, it means that either he does not evaluate well the consequences of what he says, or he evaluates them and
has the idea that this government is not destined to last
“. Probably, analyzes the former mayor of Venice” is a mix between this unstoppable impulse of Berlusconi to have his say, exactly as he tells the jokes in the most inappropriate places and moments with this unleashed exhibitionism that gets worse with age, and an assessment of inherent weakness of the government so yes it is already beginning to distance itself“. The truth, for Cacciari” lies in the combination of the two perspectives.

Analyzing the merit of the statements of the Forza Italia leader, “a normal person who has no political responsibility in the formation of the current government, what did he say so unspeakable? That he is a friend of Putin, who does not trust Zelensky too much? is the only dominant in this country, in addition to helping Ukraine and condemning Russia, also obligatorily to say that Zelensky is ‘vir bonus dicendi peritus’ (man of valor, expert in the art of the word, ed)? the brain in a clutter or can someone reason with his head? “, sinks the philosopher. “If he is a friend of Putin, it will be his business? I would never befriend Putin there, but if he likes it, an Italian citizen is free to say so. Or is it not allowed? “.

“In Italy, however – concludes Cacciari – we are literally crazy to discuss these things with what will happen, and what is already happening on the face of the earth. Spending just one minute discussing these Berlusconian jokes is unbelievable”.