Berlusconi day, statuettes and photos in Paestum but no hologram

A sort of memorial to the Knight at the Forza Italia convention

Halfway between a memorial and a convention. This is how the scenography of the Silvio Berlusconi-Day in Paestum, Campania, appears. A sort of monument in memory of the leader of Forza Italia who would have turned 87 today. As soon as you enter the Ariston hotel, the location chosen for the three days promoted by MEP Fulvio Martusciello, regional coordinator in Campania, the absolute protagonist is Silvio Berlusconi, who passed away on June 12th.

There is a large mural of photos with the smiling Forzista president sent by militants and supporters. Cav cultures of various sizes are beautifully displayed on the tables, mostly statuettes (the size of a nativity scene shepherd) made in different materials by the Bolognese artist Eugenio Lenzi. And again: drawings, paintings, election posters, Forza Italia flags with the tricolor, ’94 style. The hologram of the ‘Doctor’, as his closest collaborators called him, is missing: announced, denied, in the end waned, apparently because he was not liked by the leader’s children.

The hunt for Silvio’s hologram

”Where is the hologram?”. ”Is it at the entrance? No, it’s no longer there, they took it away…”. ”The truth is that there has never been…”, many ask themselves as they enter the hotel. The silhouette with Berlusconi’s floating face, however, is not there. Announced before the events, they say that the idea of ​​the three-dimensional leader of Forza Italia, which immediately had a strong media impact, was ultimately shelved because it was not appreciated by his children, who are in Milan today to remember their father. From the ‘Crisalide’ team, a network of companies from the Neapolitan area entrusted by the organizers of the Forzista event with the graphic creation of the Knight in 3D, they let it be known that ”the idea of ​​the hologram, announced initially, has been put aside” “None of the Forza Italia managers were able to see it before – they assure – because it was only a semi-finished product, yet to be completed. And as soon as we learned that the project hadn’t been given the green light, it was shelved.”

It was, explains those who worked on the digital technology artifact that reproduces in 3D, a holographic fan, of approximately 60 cm, (the size of a normal floor fan) capable of projecting the three-dimensional image of Berlusconi. Maurizio Gasparri, vice president of the Senate, cuts it short. ”The hologram hypothesis has never been taken into consideration”. There is no Silvio in 3D but the protagonist remains the former prime minister, who appears on posters, paintings, sculptures, large collages of souvenir photos.