Berlusconi: “Draghi al Colle? As prime minister more advantages to the country”

The president of Forza Italia on his arrival at the pre-summit of the EPP in Brussels, answering journalists who asked him if he could see himself at the Quirinale. And then he added: “How do I see Berlusconi? I see him in good shape after a bit of ailments due to Covid”

“Draghi would certainly be an excellent President of the Republic. I wonder if his current role, continuing over time, would no longer bring benefits to our country”. The president of Forza Italia Silvio Berlusconi said this and then added to the journalists who asked him if he saw himself at the Quirinale: “Berlusconi how do I see him? I see him in shape after some ailments due to Covid (LIVEBLOG) and he hasn’t for the moment idea about it “. The FI leader then said: “Draghi has a very solid relationship with me. I brought him to the ECB, I participated in a pragmatic way in his career and in his experience. It is I who thought of a national emergency government. I really don’t think there is a risk of giving it away to the left. ”

“Finally in attendance!”

“Flying to Brussels to attend the EPP Summit. Finally, we are back in attendance!”. So on Instagram the president of Forza Italia, Silvio Berlusconi who participates today in the summit of the European People’s Party that precedes the European Council. Fi coordinator Antonio Tajani also says on twitter: “Traveling with President Berlusconi. Head to Brussels for the summit of the European People’s Party”.

“I thanked Merkel for years of collaboration”

Silvio Berlusconi did not want to reveal the gift he brought to Angela Merkel in Brussels. The two met on the sidelines of the work of the EPP summit. Merkel thanked the former premier for the many years of collaboration. And even the former prime minister, speaking with reporters, underlined the support that Merkel has given to Italy and above all the work done to ensure that Italy has a more conspicuous part than the other countries of the ‘Recovery fund ‘.

Problems in Fi? I am truly 100% serene

“I don’t know what happened to Minister Mariastella Gelmini: yesterday’s statements are contrary to reality,” Berlusconi said, on the sidelines of the EPP pre-summit in Brussels. To the first question about Gelmini’s statements, Berlusconi replied: “No, let’s talk about concrete problems and serious things”, adding that the minister says things “contrary to reality. For example, as regards relations with government ministers,” there has always been a meeting of the three ministers with the top management of Forza Italia every week. Today the newspapers speak of separation: all things exaggerated, there is nothing I need to worry about “.

“Now I’m going back. Absolutely nothing happens, absolutely, I’m really 100% serene, I don’t know what got into these guys” he added, answering journalists who asked him about the internal problems of the party.

In the EPP there is “no concern” for any extremist tendencies in the Italian center-right, because “they are all confident in me, they have known me for many years. My allies are half my age. And so you will understand, if I have to worry. … are the professor in the chair “and they” the students “concluded the leader of Forza Italia.

Salvini: “Ok of the center-right if Berlusconi is a candidate for the Quirinale”

“Berlusconi is deciding. Obviously if he decides to take the field he, as leader of one of the center-right parties, would have all our support. But you have to ask him.” Thus the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, answering a question on the election of the next President of the Republic at the end of the meeting with his parliamentarians in Rome. And taking stock of the recent electoral result, he declared: “It takes advantage of the mistakes made to win in 2023. The goal of the center right is not only to win: to win and govern for 5 years in 2023”.