Berlusconi, Forza Italia breathes a sigh of relief but knots remain in the party

Mulè: “Shame on those who speak of split”

Forza Italia breathes a sigh of relief for the conditions of Silvio Berlusconi, who according to the latest medical bulletin issued by San Raffaele would be in “progressive and constant improvement”, and starts the countdown to embrace its leader again, hospitalized since Wednesday for a pulmonary infection in the setting of chronic myelomonocytic leukemia. Those who have had the opportunity to talk to him in the last few hours say that the former prime minister is reacting well to his hospitalization, and his mood is described as “high”. At the political level, however, the speculations on the future of the blue party and the rumors that speak of a deterioration in relations between the governing wing headed by the deputy premier and coordinator of Fi Antonio Tajani and the component close to the Senate group leader Licia Ronzulli have not subsided .

Today, Giorgio Mulè, vice president of the Chamber and parliamentarian close to Ronzulli, takes care of dismissing the rumors of a split: “Those who talk about the risk of a split should be ashamed only to think about it at this moment”, the former director of ‘Panorama’ tells Adnkronos. To those who ask him whether we will have a photograph of a divided party at the force convention scheduled in Milan on May 5-6, Mulè replies confidently: “It is not a real photograph. It is the one that those who do not want the good of Berlusconi and Come on Italy”. The Fi exponent welcomes the latest updates on President Berlusconi’s conditions: “Every good news is good news”.

The jolt marked by the new appointments rewarded Tajani’s governing line, strengthening the link between Forza Italia and the Meloni government. This is demonstrated by the conversation held in recent days between the premier and the new blue group leader in the Chamber Paolo Barelli. “It is no coincidence that I have good relations with Giorgia Meloni. We have been friends since, as a young councilor of the province of Rome, he already showed determination and leadership qualities”, the president of deputies Fi told Adnkronos on Easter day, assuring loyalty to the executive: “It is obvious that Forza Italia is committed to giving full support to the government it strongly wanted. And it is obvious that Giorgia Meloni hopes for a strong contribution from Forza Italia in such a delicate moment in the history of the country and of Europe”. “After all – he underlined – Forza Italia and President Berlusconi have already shown common sense and good governance skills; Giorgia, on the other hand, was the minister of a government led by Berlusconi”.

An invitation to unity to lock down the government would have come from the Arcore leader himself: “The message that Berlusconi sends us is to work in the interest of the country, everyone in their own sphere, whether as militants or party leaders. And above all to collaborate at every level in supporting the government and local institutions in which the role of Forza Italia is crucial in terms of history and capacity”, added Barelli.

Even the ‘Tajaneo’ exponent tried to dampen the insistent rumors of fratricidal struggles within the party: “In Forza Italia there is only one component: that of Berlusconi. That is, we are all ‘Berlusconians'”, he pointed out. “Starting from this reality – the blue parliamentarian remarked – there will be no divisions or jolts because it is Berlusconi who draws the line and takes the decisions. Everyone must be available to play the assigned role to give the maximum in the interest of the party and of the government that we helped to win to lead our country with Forza Italia ministers “.