Berlusconi, fourth peaceful night: today no bulletin

The 86-year-old leader of Forza Italia will spend Easter day in the intensive care unit where family visits are expected

Fourth night in hospital for Silvio Berlusconi, who will spend Easter day in the intensive care unit of San Raffaele in Milan, where he was hospitalized last Wednesday for a lung infection, in a context of chronic myelomonocytic leukemia. For the 86-year-old leader of Forza Italia, according to what is learned from health sources, the night that just passed was “quiet”. The same sources reveal that no bulletin from the hospital is expected today.

On the other hand, visits from Berlusconi’s family are expected: his brother Paolo and his children, who have always visited the hospital in recent days. Yesterday the president of Mediaset, Fedele Confalonieri, returned to visit him once again, who went to the San Raffaele for the third day in a row.

As assured by Berlusconi’s trusted doctor, Professor Alberto Zangrillo, the former prime minister “is responding well to the therapies”. And optimism was also leaked by Gianni Letta, the Cav. , he reassured reporters by emphasizing that he found it better than he thought and that “the road to rebirth, if not resurrection, has been taken”.