Berlusconi, from Cosenza by bus to San Raffaele: “I bring holy water for Uncle Silvio”

The 67-year-old from Calabria brought bottles of holy water from San Francesco di Paola and the little dress for the graces received

“Come on Italy, come on Uncle Silvio, come on Italians”. This is the wish of Ettore Fragale, a 67-year-old from Cosenza, who arrived at the San Raffaele in Milan after a day’s travel. “I left yesterday morning at 7 with the Flixbus, to show my solidarity with Uncle Silvio”, says Fragale, outside the entrance to the hospital where Berlusconi has been hospitalized since last Wednesday, to whom the 67-year-old Calabrian brought bottles of holy water of San Francesco di Paola and the dress for the graces received. “I’ve always voted for Uncle Silvio, because I’m right-wing. Only last September did I vote for the League,” says Fragale.

Political support, however, has nothing to do with human solidarity: “If I’ve come here, it’s because we need Silvio. He made us respect Italy, he is an entrepreneur and gives people work ”, he says, praying that“ God gives him more time ”. It is the first time that Fragale has rushed to the hospital on the occasion of Berlusconi’s hospitalization, “because this time he is more serious”, explains the 67-year-old, who has positioned himself in front of the driveway entrance on via Olgettina, determined to deliver the gifts into the hands ” of one of the sons or of his brother Paolo”.