Berlusconi, Giovanardi: “I’ve lost a friend, Fi needs a new PDL with elected national secretary”

The former undersecretary of state: “He felt like the King but dead can’t make another one”

I have lost a friend. We had the same values ​​and the same frankness in expressing them. Many times I suggested that he take away the mobile phone from his guests but he replied that for him the guest, like freedom, were sacred and therefore he would never do it. Equally in confidence when he dissolved the PDL I told him that I would never join Fi because ‘the political problem is that Fi is you‘”. These are the words of the Christian Democrat Carlo Giovanardi, former Minister for Relations with Parliament and Undersecretary to the Presidency of the Council in two Berlusconi governmentswho contacted by Adnkronos, in recalling that “he felt like the King”, notes: “The problem is that once the King is dead, no other is made”.

Giovanardi recalls that it was pointless to remind Silvio Berlusconi that Alcide De Gasperi left a legacy to the DC that continued for another 40 years: “He saw no successors. He left us a huge personal legacy and everything to build. His place now can only be taken by a democratically voted liberal popular Christian. Forza Italia to survive must aim to return to the PDLresume the planning, bring it to completion with the election of a national secretary. We need a new PDL“.

How to get there? “THEn view of the European elections, the liberal-moderate wing of the centre-right, Fi, UDC, Nm… must join civic lists and small centre-party parties, strong in the electorate but fragmented“, he replies. It must aim for a reunification process in which “acronyms and acronyms, personalities disappear and a Center Party is democratically structured. Or the risk for the centre-right is that without Berlusconi’s charisma they could find themselves in the minority if the left unites. It is therefore useful for the sovereign right to favor this process of reunification of a center-right center in order to continue winning elections at the municipal, regional and national levels. With from‘other part Schlein and M5s”.

And the Catholic area of ​​the Democratic Party? “The Catholic infantry went to swell the ranks of Fdi and Lega. The left of the DC merged into the Democratic Party brought in few votes. I’m not interested in the disappointed Pd who leave the Democratic Party and then make an agreement with Schlein“, he replies. Renzi instead?”From my point of view Renzi is excluded. A model of a new DC needs to be built, as in other European countries, which refers to the EPP. The leader of Italia viva instead joined the European socialists, not the European Christians,” explains the politician at the helm of the European Populars, an Italian Christian-democratic political movement of which 16 associations are members.

Would there be room for Fdi in the new Pdl? “No. I am a Christian Democrat and Fdi has a history and a culture that does not belong to the PP. One thing is that a DC having to choose alliances finds a common platform of government with Fdi. Another to join Fdi. Together these two political realities would harm each other. In alliance, on the other hand, they have an added value that could be convenient for Meloni in terms of votes, broadening preferences “.

What’s the roadmap? “The first appointment for us Popular Liberals is Molise, on Tuesday in Termoli at a press conference with the candidate for the presidency of the Region Francesco Roberti and his civic list. In the meantime, we are organizing ourselves to sit down with all the others but the first answer must come from Forza Italia. What happens in the next two months will be decisive. I will talk about it with Letta to make a common reflection on how to organize the center area of ​​the centre-right. I don’t have to run but I would like to make a contribution because the void of before with Berlusconi’s death has become an abyss”. (by Roberta Lanzara)