Berlusconi hospitalized, Zangrillo: “Difficult situation but responds to therapy” – Video

The head of the intensive care unit of the San Raffaele in Milan where the Cavaliere is hospitalized: “I am serene”

“It is evident that I am serene, primarily because we are doing our best. And I’m serene because I have a patient in front of me who is also a great friend to me”. So Alberto Zangrillo, head of the intensive care unit of San Raffaele in Milan where Silvio Berlusconi is hospitalized, and personal doctor of the leader of Forza Italia, entering the hospital.

“I cannot deny that there is also a great personal involvement (Video), but he is a person who has accustomed us to always responding in the best possible way and therefore even in the face of a serious pathology, in a truly difficult situation, he is responding well to therapies,” he added.

How is Silvio Berlusconi? “I have to refer to the press release that Professor Ciceri and I made two days ago. It is clear that we are talking about a patient who is of an age that you all know, with a pathology and a complication (Video) that have been defined in a precise way. From this follow targeted therapies, therapies that follow the guidelines, therapies that must always be shared in medicine, when the rules of official medicine are applied, therefore therapies aimed at achieving a goal. Our goal is to be able to achieve resolution of the pathological clinical picture”.

Lung infection – he explained entering the hospital – it is the complication of a pathological clinical picture of another nature that we are treating in the best way, trying, as for all our patients, not to leave anything to chance”.

As for the leaking rumors, Zangrillo specified that “what you read are absolutely fanciful thingswhich do not respond to any objective criterion to which serious doctors refer, that is above all an objective knowledge of the clinical picture”. We, he assured, “have a very precise therapeutic strategy whereby all those which are forward and backward , Therefore pessimism and optimism do not meet the criteria of objectivity to which a serious doctor is called”.

For “the timing ask someone else“, was then the clear answer that Zangrillo gave to reporters who asked him how long the leader of Forza Italia might have to stay in hospital. The reference is also to the hope expressed by Paolo Barelli, president of the Deputies of Fi, who expects to see him at the party convention on May 5 and 6. Zangrillo did not answer a direct question, hiding behind a “happy Easter. If I wanted to do politics, I had another job”.

“After I spoke to you, all of you really go home and celebrate Easter as it deserves to be celebrated. Don’t stay here anymore, because nothing will happen today”, was the invitation that Zangrillo addressed to the journalists crowded in front of the entrance to the San Raffaele. “We won’t make any press releases, nothing will happen again,” he repeated as he entered the facility.

In the afternoon, Marina and Pier Silvio Berlusconi, separately, after their other son Luigi and Gianni Letta, former undersecretary to the presidency of the Council of Ministers and a loyalist of the Cav, arrived at the hospital to visit their father Silvio Berlusconi. Even the president of Mediaset, Fedele Confalonieri, also returned to visit the Cavaliere.

The Knight spent the third night in hospital following a lung infection. The Forza Italia leader, who suffers from chronic myelomonocytic leukemia, receives a visit from family members and some long-time friends, who reassured him of his condition by saying they were “confident”.