Berlusconi: “I have always been and am on Ukraine’s side”

Forza Italia leader: “My hope is for a diplomatic solution, I only suggested the Marshall Plan to put an end to a dangerous war”

“Let’s look at the facts. We have always supported the Ukrainian people, we have always voted in Italy and in Europe without hesitation and hesitation to support Ukraine by sending funding and arms”. He says it Silvio Berlusconiwho in a post on Facebook returns to talk about the conflict between Russia and Ukraine after the controversy following the Cav’s statements on the meeting between Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

“I – Berlusconi then assures us – have always been and am on the side of the Ukrainian people and of peace. My hope is that a diplomatic solution can soon be found to this very dangerous war for all of us. I simply suggested a great Marshall Plan of the West for the reconstruction of Ukraine, as a possible diplomatic way to put an end to this conflict, I want to repeat it, very dangerous for all of us”, concludes the leader of Forza Italia.

RONZULLI: “BERLUSCONI MAN OF PEACE” – “To claim that President Berlusconi can somehow give in to Putin’s narratives is misleading and does not reflect his political history, as well as the thirty-year testimony of a man of peace. A statesman who has always tried to mediate precisely in favor of peace, to encourage, to invite a sense of responsibility”, says the president of the Forza Italia senators Licia Ronzulli.

“As already reiterated, no one has denied that Russia was the aggressor and Ukraine the attacked country. A country to which President Berlusconi, and with him Forza Italia, have never failed to support, as demonstrated by the favorable votes cast with absolute conviction to the six decrees for the shipment of arms -continues Ronzulli-. Nor will they miss it when it comes to voting on the seventh”.

“In the same way, President Berlusconi has always maintained a line, never questioned, totally in favor of the Italian government, of Europe, of the EPP itself, of NATO and of the United States. This, however, does not mean not trying to seek solutions that can lead to peace, to avoid that spiral of violence with unimaginable consequences.It is with this one and only objective in mind that President Berlusconi has invited us to reflect”, he concludes.