Berlusconi: “I have two ideas for a million jobs”

However, the measures “maybe not within the reach of our allies”

“A million jobs”. Silvio Berlusconi from Milan launches his recipe – an evergreen usually heralded in the electoral campaign – which he assures will lead companies to be able to hire again en masse. With the combination of the stop to the building permit procedures, to allow construction sites to open in 24 hours and tax relief for hiring companies.

Measures that the founder of Forza Italia explains will be in the next budget “we will put the best of us into action to be able to obtain these things, even if perhaps they are not within the reach of our allies”. Clarification that allows him to claim the autonomy of Forza Italia in the coalition: “We are the bearers in Italy of the values ​​of democracy. Generosity, Christianity, liberalism. And above all respect for others and freedom. We are something unique in Italy and we will work again for the future of our country”, he articulates in favor of cameras.

Sources of the blue party (and sources in via Bellerio) assure AdnKronos that even the press rumors, which today relaunch the hypothesis of a federative pact with Salvini, with single groups in Parliament, have no reality. “No hypothesis of this type”, they say from the blue party. Sources from the League leak “great irritation for the journalistic reconstructions, without foundation, which invent frictions between Meloni and Salvini”. Adding how “the hypothesis of single groups with Forza Italia has never been heard”.

“We are working on the budget law – explains the blue leader meanwhile ‘writing’ his maneuver, alongside the two group leaders of the Senate and Chamber, Licia Ronzulli and Alessandro Cattaneo and his fiancée Marta Fascina – two ideas, of the many things we are following, are mine: one is to eliminate the preventive authorizations for those who want to build a house, renovate it for those who want to open a pharmacy or a restaurant.With this rule, those who want to build these things can send a registered letter to the Municipality and the the next day he begins to work. There will be checks, but ex post, when the work is finished”. “I spoke in recent days with the national association of Italian manufacturers – he underlined – and only from an employment point of view they predict that this law, once in operation, will produce more than a million jobs”.

Then the second gimmick: “Too many young people in Italy are looking for work and can’t find it – he says -. If for a period of 3, 4 or 5 years we were to favor businesses by telling them ‘we will remove all taxes from you, everything that a worker costs you more than the salary, so that the salary you give to young people aged 18 to 34 is equal to your costs’, this means that companies will have great convenience in hiring young people”.