Berlusconi: “I’m better, it was tough but I’ve always had confidence”

The Knight’s first interview after hospitalization: “Marta surpassed herself, she stood by me with unparalleled care and dedication”

“I’m better… I still have to recover my strength, but it’s only a matter of time.” So Silvio Berlusconi in his first interview with the Knight after hospitalization. “It was tough, but I’ve always been hopeful. As in other difficult moments, I entrusted myself to the help of Heaven and the professionalism of the doctors and health personnel of San Raffaele, whom I will never stop thanking”, said the Knight to the Corriere della Sera.

“Marta surpassed herself, she stood by me with unparalleled care and dedication, which can only be explained by the great love that binds us”, Berlusconi said again, adding: “Many times I had to ask her to rest and take care of himself, but he didn’t leave me even for a minute. My children, my brother, my friends were also very close to me, every day. In difficult times, the love of a family is really the most important thing “.

“Once again I felt the sincere friendship and affection, at times even touching, of many people, even strangers. All the political leaders, of the majority and of the opposition, addressed me words of good wishes and encouragement, of which I am truly very grateful. But then there was the emotional embrace of the blue people, of the militants and of the voters of Forza Italia, who inundated me with messages and affectionate demonstrations. If I got through this difficult moment well, I certainly owe it too to them,” he stressed.

Are you ready to go back to your job? “In truth, I have never stopped working, even since intensive care I have kept in contact with the leaders of Forza Italia, giving indications and suggestions on the electoral campaign for the administrative bodies. In this regard, I would like to appeal to the citizens of the Municipalities where on Sunday and next Monday we go to the ballot: go and vote, because without the vote democracy dies and the future of Italy dies, of your cities, of your children. As for the future, we have many things to do and I will continue to do them , as always, at the helm of Forza Italia”.