Berlusconi in intensive care. Brother: “He’ll make it”

According to Adnkronos, “an infection with respiratory distress has recurred”. Only family members have access to the former prime minister. With him his partner Marta Fascina

Stationary conditions for Silvio Berlusconi, admitted to the San Raffaele hospital in Milan. The Forza Italia leader is in the cardio-thoraco-vascular intensive care unit (sector Q, floor -1) directed by Alberto Zangrillo due to “an infection with respiratory distress” and is “being treated with antibiotic therapy”. “He’s stable, he’s a rock, he’ll make it this time too. His mood? Ours is good,” said his brother Paolo Berlusconi as he left the hospital.

The only ones who have access and have had access to the former prime minister are family members. Yesterday all the children, Marina, Piersilvio, Eleonora, Barbara and Luigi, arrived at the hospital during the day to visit their father. Together with the leader of Forza Italia, also the partner and deputy of Forza Italia, Marta Fascina.

Berlusconi arrived by car at the San Raffaele yesterday morning around 12. He had respiratory distress. He underwent a CAT scan and blood tests. The suspicion, later confirmed, was that he could be dealing with a lung infection that hadn’t completely resolved and had again given signs of his presence. The former prime minister’s situation is described as “under control”.

Contrary to what had been anticipated, a medical bulletin was not released yesterday, but everything has been postponed until today and it will be Professor Zangrillo who will disseminate the news on the state of health of the former prime minister.

MESSAGES – Messages for the Knight come from all over the political world. “On behalf of the Senate and myself, I send sincere and warm wishes for a speedy recovery to Senator and friend Silvio Berlusconi. We look forward to seeing you in the Chamber”, declared the President of the Senate Ignazio Russia.

“A sincere and affectionate wish for a speedy recovery to Silvio Berlusconi, admitted to the San Raffaele in Milan. Forza Silvio” is the message posted on Twitter by Prime Minister Giorgia Melons.

“Come on Silvio, Italy is waiting for you” is the greeting message from Matteo Salvini addresses the leader of Forza Italia, posting a photo of them smiling together on social media.

“A big good luck to Silvio Berlusconi who is back at the San Raffaele” says Matteo Renzi.

PREVIOUS – The blue leader had already been hospitalized in the Milan facility on Monday 27 March for medical checks and then returned to Arcore on Thursday 30 March, after his resignation which took place around 2 pm. Leaving the San Raffaele Berlusconi, accompanied by his partner, he waved goodbye from the back seat of the blue car to the journalists and onlookers waiting for him at the entrance in via Olgettina 60.

The return to Arcore had made Forza Italia breathe a sigh of relief, worried by the state of health of the 86-year-old ‘boss’, precisely in a delicate moment for the blue formation, with the new appointments that in fact changed its internal political geography , with the ‘revenge’ of the governors on the Filoronzulliani and the rise of parliamentarians close to Fascina.

Berlusconi’s last hospitalization at the San Raffaele dates back to January last year. The former premier had been hospitalized in January 2022 for an infection that started from the urinary tract and was treated with strong antibiotic treatment.