Berlusconi is back on video: “Municipal votes can affect the weight of the government”

The Cav dal San Raffaele invites voters to vote: “Those who don’t do it leave it to others to decide on the future and are not a good Italian”

“An affectionate greeting to everyone. I am still and unfortunately at the San Raffaele. But this morning I put on a shirt and jacket again for you. After my speech last Saturday at the Forza Italia Convention in Milan, I allow myself to disturb you again to remind you that Sunday and Monday, i.e. the day after tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, local elections for mayors and administrators will be held in seven hundred Italian towns and cities”. Thus begins the message of the leader of Forza Italia, Silvio Berlusconi, entrusted to a video from the San Raffaele hospital where he has been hospitalized since April 5 to treat a lung infection.

“Here, I would like to remind all our fellow citizens of the duty to go and vote because those who don’t vote leave it to others to decide on the future of their municipality and their city, therefore those who don’t vote are not good citizens, they are not good Italians “says the Knight.

“I want to remind all the voters of Forza Italia, but also to the other voters of the parties that form the majority of the current government of which we are the backbone and I also want to thank those voters who in the seven hundred municipalities, where there will be one of our candidates capable and convincing, they will give us and Forza Italia their vote, because this vote in the administrative offices can affect the weight of our government”, concludes the blue founder.