Berlusconi: “It was tough, now I will renew Forza Italia”

The Forza Italia leader gave his first interview after a 45-day hospitalization at the San Raffaele hospital. He had entered intensive care on April 5 due to a lung infection that arose in the context of chronic myelomonocytic leukemia. “It was tough, now I will renew the party,” the former prime minister told Corriere della Sera

Berlusconi retraces the moments in the hospital where he was surrounded by loved ones, and looks to the future of the party. “Once again I felt the friendship and sincere affection, sometimes even touching, of many people”, he said, underlining that he is ready to continue with the “renewal” of his movement, without “scraping anyone”, continuing the commitment to “oversee the Center”. Identify the Government’s priorities: “continue on taxation, pensions and justice”.

He repeats that relations with the allies are “absolutely excellent. Obviously, this does not mean that FI does not have a specific role”.

“With the Democratic Party increasingly shifted to the left and the decline of the so-called Third Pole, the space in the center widens and FI presides over it consistently. Renzi often says the right things, but until he draws the political consequences from it, choosing our midfield, it will not be possible to go beyond occasional convergences in Parliament”.