Berlusconi like Mussolini? The comparison of the Russian newspaper

For Kommersant, Berlusconi’s political project “has never managed to break with the ideas that were in the air of Italy, which he loved so much, a hundred years ago”

The Russian newspaper Kommersant compares Silvio Berlusconi to Benito Mussolini. “It was intended to propose the most remarkable project for the development of a new Italy between the end of the twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty-first”. Berlusconi’s political project “has never managed to break definitively and irrevocably with those ideas that were in the air of Italy, which he loved so much, a hundred years ago”, writes the Russian daily Kommersant. “It is not surprising that once he also spoke positively of the Duce, which caused a scandal, speaking in an interview”.

“Combining elements of corporatism, expansionism (always the same faith in “great Italy”), anti-communism, rejection of liberalism, as well as the desire to take control of the media and subordinate them to state propaganda, these ideas from the “glorious past”, which in 1945 they came to an inglorious end, they could not help but influence Silvio Berlusconi, asking for a new interpretation”. By affirming Italian values, and not the “universal” values ​​of post-war Europe, Berlusconi began to methodically cultivate his own “magic crystal” of Italian politics. The most surprising thing – it is underlined – is that, over and over again, saying goodbye to the “Berlusconi era”, Italy discovered that for some reason it could not say goodbye. Thus, he found his subject, he collected his key to Italy, and this was his strength, and not in his money and in the television channels that belonged to him.

“Consequently, he died not as a retired political leader, but as the leader of a party that last year returned triumphantly to the center-right government coalition of the new Italian Prime Minister Giorgi Meloni”, he specified, underlining that “who whether the quarrels within the new coalition, it was formed on the basis of the ideas that Silvio Berlusconi opened to dissemination”. Silvio Berlusconi’s death recalled the era of his long personal friendship with Vladimir Putin, whom he once emphasized as “the great democrat”.