Berlusconi: “Meloni will come to Arcore, we loyally support the government”

“Meloni is an absolutely intelligent and capable person, I don’t see any other people around who can compare to her”

“Yesterday I congratulated Giorgia, we talked about many things and in a very cordial and long phone call we agreed to meet and I invited her for lunch or dinner in Arcore. She told me she will definitely come”. Thus the president of Forza Italia, Silvio Berlusconi, at the presentation of the blue candidates for the regional elections in Lombardy. With Meloni “we talk, we need to intensify our relations and put to good use my international experience of over 30 years,” Berlusconi said.

“We support and will loyally support the Meloni government and the decisions that we will take collectively” underlined the president of Forza Italia. “But this – he added – does not mean giving up our identity, it means above all having to keep faith with a pact of loyalty with the voters”. “Therefore – he remarked – Forza Italia is the pivotal party of this majority and no one can question our loyalty to the government”.

And “Meloni is an absolutely intelligent and capable person, so he will be a good premier in the coming years for the Italians. And on the other hand, I don’t see any other people around who can compare to her”.

REFORMS – According to Berlusconi, with regard to the reform of presidentialism, “in this legislature there really are the conditions to finally implement a reform that will once again bring citizens closer to the institutions”. What “we want – he explained – is nothing more than the possibility for the voters to choose directly, skipping the mediation of the parties, by whom we want to be governed, to choose the highest summit of the institutions”.

“It is a reform – added the president of Forza Italia – in which we deeply believe, in Italy as in Europe, according to the model of the United States, which combines the maximum strength and authority with the federal government, in the matters of its competence, such as foreign policy and military policy and the maximum autonomy over everything else recognized to individual states and other local realities”.

UKRAINE AND RUSSIA – Speaking of the war in Ukraine and the nuclear risk, Berlusconi said he was “distressed by the fact that in Europe and in the West at the moment we don’t have truly capable leaders”.

“We have not managed to build a strong Europe with the entry of the Russian Federation. It is a real pity, but we have to work on it further in the future, because we cannot think that today’s situation is even worse than when there was war We still have so much work ahead of us to do that it won’t be easy or time-consuming”.

“I tried to convince Putin to join our Europe – recalled Berlusconi – and I didn’t succeed because there were some countries that, thinking of losing their supremacy in Europe, said no. Russia, which is a European state in through and through, joining Europe and NATO would have constituted an absolute defense against China’s expansion plans. I’m sorry I didn’t succeed in this attempt”.

MESSINA MONEY ARRESTS – “Today we all win, the forces of order win, the judiciary wins, Italy wins” said Berlusconi about the arrest of boss Matteo Messina Denaro.