Berlusconi, new will appears: “It was signed in Colombia”

The new document was deposited in Naples. Lawyer Grimaldi: “Formal warning to the children of the former leader of Forza Italia”

A new will by Silvio Berlusconi appears. The special will, which it would have been signed by Cav in Colombia“was deposited with an Italian Notary of the notarial district of Naples on 3 October, giving it full validity under Italian law”, explains the lawyer Erich Grimaldi of the Naples Court in a noteas lawyer and general attorney of the Turin legate in Colombia, Marco Di Nunzio.

Grimaldi also explains that he “proceeded, after publication, as required by law, to formalize a warning, concerning said legacies, to the registered residences of each of the five children of the Knight’s family, requesting immediate entry into possession of the assets. The will, which was also apostilled by the Chancellery of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Colombia, in fact, contains indications according to which the legatee, Mr. Marco Di Nunzio, would be entitled to a part of the Knight’s inheritance or 2% of the Fininvest shares, 26 million euros, 100% of the shares of the companies that own the villas in Antigua in the Antilles, the ship Principessa Vai Vai Bandiera Monaco Yacht and all the boats, ships and vessels”.

“The Colombian notarial document, stipulated on 21 September 2021 in the office of the notary Jimenez Najera Margarita Rosa in Barrio Espinal, Colombia – underlines the lawyer Grimaldi -, has therefore become valid in all respects and must be officially considered and mandatorily inserted in the Silvio Berlusconi’s inheritance practice. Once notification has been made, the testamentary legacies will certainly be subjected to scrutiny by the Knight’s family, the notary Roveda and the Steering Committee of the Fininvest company itself, also taking into consideration the 2 percent of the shares of the relevant company listed on the stock exchange, assigned to him by Berlusconi in his will”.