Berlusconi, Noelle ‘la pasionaria’ in the lane: “I pray for him”

From Wednesday incognito at San Raffaele

Noelle, the historic ‘pasionaria’ who has been following Silvio Berlusconi for 35 years, has not failed to demonstrate her closeness to the Forza Italia leader even in recent days. ‘Hidden’ from the gazes of reporters, Noelle since Wednesday it has been fixed in the hospital wardswith a rosary in hand. “When I come here, I pray only for him”, the ‘Pasionaria’, who took her vows, tells Adnkronos.

“I even started crying”, she confesses, quoting the most recurring prayer: “Lord, remember all the works she has done, the good she has sown and if she has done any harm, since we are all sinners, forget and forgive. And please leave him with us for a while longer, because he still has so much to give.” However, the consecrated Noelle also thinks of the other patients, children and not only: “I pray for all the sick, in a spirit of brotherhood, but Silvio is a brother I have known for 35 years” she says, recalling all the moments in which she met the leader of Forza Italia.

“He is a person who has given us so much, to whom we are so grateful. He is a man of incredible sensitivity, sweetness and cordiality”, assures the ‘pasionaria’, scrolling through the photos on her smartphone, embracing Berlusconi. The concern for the former premier there is no shortage “he reacts well, but he is always a person of a certain age, who has brought many crosses in his life”, yet the sign to be shown on resignation is already ready. The content will be a surprise, but it will be – he anticipates – a religious message.