Berlusconi on TikTok: “From proofreader to entrepreneur, you can do it too”

“Here is our project for young people”

“Greetings to all. Today, however, no jokes, we must pretend to be serious people”. Silvio Berlusconi returns to propose a message on TikTok, in which he talks about youth employment, also indirectly replying to the secretary of the Democratic Party, Enrico Letta, who yesterday said that his party is on this social “in a serious way”.

“So, you know – says the leader of Fi – I started from scratch and since I was a boy I have done more than twenty different jobs: I have been a farmer, a waiter, I have sold books, I have sold frames for paintings, I have sold appliances, I did a proofreader at Corriere della Sera. Then I had a stroke of luck: I met an important building builder named Pietro Canali: I worked in his company for two months and I realized that he was building of the houses that real estate developers gave him in contract, but he had never tried to build them on his own to sell them for a much greater profit “.

“So – Berlusconi continues – I looked for a building plot, I found it, I made a project on it that went well with my high school mates who became architects, I asked the National Labor Bank to grant me a mortgage and I got it and with all this I went to Mr. Canali’s project. He liked the project and then I suggested he start a company with me. He asked me: how much do you want, ten percent? And I had the courage to tell him, no Mr. Canali, here I did everything I will continue the sales myself, we have to do 50 and 50. He looked at me in disbelief, thought about it a bit and then said to me: well, if you have the courage to ask me this means that you really believe in it and my career as an entrepreneur it began like this. ”

“So – exhorts the former prime minister – you too can try to get busy in many different directions. However, if you would like to join a company immediately we will try to make it easier and possible for you. We will change the costs that the company has to face. now to hire a young person, costs that are more than double what the new employee will receive. We will do this by removing all taxes and contributions that the company has to pay now. We will thus make the cost of the company equal to the salary you will take. The company will pay half of what it should spend now and therefore will have a strong, strong interest in hiring you. ”

Berlusconi thus explains what the tax wedge mechanism is and reiterates: “we want to cancel this wedge, this surplus that the entrepreneur pays for all apprenticeship and first-time employment contracts with young people. The contract must obviously be for an indefinite period. allow you to plan your future, buy a house with a mortgage that the State will certainly guarantee. Did I make myself clear? The company will have a strong interest in hiring you and hiring in Italy will become very, very numerous “. Then the concluding joke addressed again indirectly to Letta: “please, seriousness”.