Berlusconi: “Orban elected but he is not a point of reference

“Alliances must be made with great friendly countries”

Viktor Orban is a “democratically elected” leader but he cannot be a “point of reference” in Europe. So Silvio Berlusconi, in an interview with ‘Zona bianca’ broadcast tonight on Retequattro, after the no of the Lega and the Brothers of Italy to the resolution of the European Parliament on Hungary.

“I do not give warnings, it is an attitude that does not belong to me, and I would not dramatize this episode. In fact it is undeniable that Orban is a democratically elected leader and as such must be respected. But it is very clear that our point of reference in Europe is the European People’s Party, it certainly cannot be Orban. His policies are far from ours, and so is his vision of Europe. And alliances in Europe must be made with great friendly countries, if we want to protect our national interest “, he says. Berlusconi.

Gas chapter: the price cap “is a move that has more of a symbolic value than a practical one. Since the crisis has political rather than economic reasons, it is by no means certain, indeed it is difficult, that Russia will yield and accept that price”.