Berlusconi, Pagano hematologist: “Never said he won’t be able to return to politics”

“The former prime minister is certainly looked after in the best way”

“I have never said that Silvio Berlusconi will no longer be able to return to politics”. And “I’m sorry that you want to interpret my words on a political level, because I really don’t care about politics. Mine was a scientific comment in a personal capacity, not a partisan or partisan comment”. This was stated to Adnkronos Salute by Livio Pagano, director of the complex operating unit of geriatric hematology and rare hematopathies of the Gemelli hospital in Rome and associate professor of hematology at the Catholic University, after the controversy raised by the interview published today in ‘La Stampa’ , harshly commented in some passages by Alberto Zangrillo, personal doctor of the leader of Forza Italia hospitalized in intensive care since Wednesday at the San Raffaele hospital in Milan.

“I’m sorry that my thoughts have been misrepresented – says Pagano – I was asked for an interview relating in general to what is the pathology from which Silvio Berlusconi suffers, how the disease behaves in general and what are the risks of such a pathology in an elderly patient. I was not asked to go into the merits of Berlusconi’s specific case, also because I don’t know the patient and his precise conditions”. In this regard, the specialist is keen to clarify one point, namely that the former prime minister “is certainly treated in the best possible way by Professor Alberto Zangrillo”, head of the Department of Anesthesia and Intensive Care, “and by Professor Fabio Ciceri”, head of the San Raffaele Hematology and Bone Marrow Transplant and Oncohematology Units. “I have already written to him to clarify,” underlines Pagano.

“I didn’t go into the merits of Berlusconi’s future in politics – the expert points out – I only said that, usually, a pathology of this kind weakens, but I wasn’t referring specifically to whether or not he returns to politics”. Pagano’s wish is “that Silvio Berlusconi can first of all go home and then recover perfectly. Finally, I wish my colleagues, so that they can continue their work in peace”.