Berlusconi publishes income, remains ‘Scrooge’ with 18 million but poorer

In 2022 it is confirmed at the top in Italy and Brussels but records a ‘loss’ of over 30 million compared to the previous declaration’

It’s still Silvio Berlusconi the richest politician in Italy, the ‘Scrooge’ of the Palace. With a tax base of approximately 18 million euros reported to the tax authorities, the leader of Forza Italia is confirmed as the ‘number 1′ for assets (money, shares villas and cars), in the Italian Parliament and in Brussels, but also among party and government leaders. Sifting through the latest tax return, the one relating to the 2021 tax period and delivered in 2022, contained in the senators’ asset register and viewed by Adnkronos, it turns out that the former premier (MEP of Forza Italia since 2019), has received to be exact 17 million 697 thousand 119 euros, a good 32 million euros less than those collected the previous year (50 million 661 thousand 390 euros).

Among the big parties, only he was missing from the appeal: the former prime minister, at present, was the only leader who has not yet made his tax return public. All the documentation (their own patrimonial declarations, those of income and the expenses incurred during the electoral campaign), in fact, had to be deposited in the Senate and made public in the senator’s personal file on the institution’s website within three months of his proclamation, according to an obligation of transparency established by law number 442 of 1982. The deadline within which to file the deposit was January 13, 2023 and until a few days ago the president of Fi had not yet made public any of the requested documents, keeping his economic and income status.


A series of movable and immovable assets are also part of Berlusconi’s ‘little treasure’. For the most part the assets remained unchanged. But there is also some news. The former prime minister has maintained three ultra-luxury boats: the ‘San Maurizio’ of 17 horsepower (purchased in 1977), the ‘Magnum 70’ (from 1990) and the sailboat ‘Principessa vai via’ (from 1965). The latter, they say, was allegedly sold in recent years to the patron of Mediolanum, Ennio Doris, but has now returned to the ownership of the blue leader.

The force leader no longer has a car: Discontinued Audi A6 registered in 2006, previously reported. The stock package of the entrepreneur from Brianza, all ‘Italian’, remains unchanged: we are talking about 5,174,000 shares of ‘Dolcedrago spa’ based in Segrate; 2,444,144 shares of the ‘Italian Holding prima spa’ also based in Segrate; 2,199,600 of the ‘second Italian holding company spa’. Then in the Cav’s portfolio there are 1,193,400 shares of the ‘Italian third spa holding company’; 1,095,140 shares of the ‘Ottava Italian holding company’, 200 shares of Banca Popolare Sviluppo di Napoli and 896,000 shares of Banca Popolare di Sondrio. Among the financial new entries, 990 thousand shares of ‘Forza 5 ss’ based in Segrate. Berlusconi then retained the presidency of the Board of Directors of the Luigi Berlusconi Foundation – Onlus dedicated to his father.


Berlusconi has always been at the top of the rankings of the wealthiest in parliamentary halls. In detail, in 2018, when he reappeared on the ‘list’ as leader of Fi after having been absent for a few years due to the loss of his position as senator as a result of the Severino law (in November 2013), he perceived (in relation to the tax period 2017) 48 million 011 thousand 267 euros, beating the competition, in the House, the Senate and the presidency of the Council (Conte premier, just to give an example, stopped at 370 thousand euros). In 2019, the ‘salary’ of Fi’s number one remained substantially unchanged, equal to 48 million 022 thousand 126 euros (referring to the 2018 ‘tax period’). It decreased in the following tax period, reaching 47 million 492 thousand 818 euros collected in 2020 by MEPs, with a shortfall of just over 500 thousand euros compared to the previous year, as certified by the tax return, signed on 20 January 2021. For the year 2021, however, the ‘salary’ increased by over 3 million euros: the force leader collected 50 million 661 thousand 390 euros.