Berlusconi, real estate for sale but not Villa Arcore

The decision of the five children, after the death of the former prime minister

Silvio Berlusconi’s five children have agreed to put part of the real estate assets for sale of the former Prime Minister, who passed away on 12 June. According to AdnKronos, the intention of the five children is to enhance the assets inherited from the former prime minister and to test the market to sell part of the real estate properties. The possibility of putting Villa San Martino for sale in Arcore is excluded. At this moment, according to what we learn, an evaluation is underway to understand whether third parties are interested in purchasing some properties. It is not excluded that among the five children there is someone interested in taking over one or more properties. The idea would still be to sell part of the real estate assets. According to what sources assure, this is in any case an exploratory phase.

The intention not to sell the property in Arcore was expressed by Berlusconi’s daughter, Marina, in an interview with Bruno Vespa: “Our father loved life, the light, the comings and goings of people – she said -. Villa San Martino it must remain like this, alive: we want it to remain the venue for work meetings, as well as, of course, the meeting point for our family. It’s what he would have wanted.”

Among the properties owned by Fininvest there is Villa Gernetto, near Lesmo, in Brianza, where last year the symbolic wedding between Silvio Berlusconi and his partner Marta Fascina was celebrated, the main headquarters of Fininvest in via Paleocapa, in Milan, and the Turchese coast complex, in Olbia.

Villa Certosa, in Sardinia, whose estimate is around 300 million euros, the villa in Arcore, the villa in Macherio, belong to Idra (the company that groups together the main properties of the former prime minister who controls it through Dolcedrago). and Villa Grande in Rome.

Some properties belonged to Silvio Berlusconi himself, such as Villa Campari in Lesa, on Lake Maggiore, the villa in Lampedusa – Baia della Luna, a villa in Antigua and around 100/150 apartments in the Milan area. Villa La Lampara in Cannes is instead owned by Sb Real Estate, while the Merate complex and Villa Sottocasa in Vimercate are owned by Brianza 2 Srl (with Redaelli). Finally, the two main boats are Morning Glory (under Forza 5) and Sweet Dragon (Silvio Berlusconi’s personal).