Berlusconi, the lawyer: “Photos with mafia bosses? Media circus”

“From confirmed unfounded accusations and very serious offenses. Photo that suddenly appeared after thirty years, the existence of which is denied by the person concerned”

“I can only express my absolute indignation at what was published today by various newspapers. They are unfounded accusations and very serious offenses that trample the story of a man who, in addition to being one of the greatest Italian entrepreneurs, held for no less than four times the role of Prime Minister”. It can be read in a note by Giorgio Perroni, Silvio Berlusconi’s lawyerwith reference to articles where there is talk of an alleged photo depicting the founder of Fi, in the company of mafia bosses.

“After all, for at least a quarter of a century all the most absurd accusations of alleged mafia against Silvio Berlusconi have always proved to be false and instrumental, so much so that every time the same investigators have had to admit that they were unfounded, arranging the archiving of all the various criminal proceedings – adds the lawyer -. Now the media circus is being reactivated, this time around a photo that suddenly appeared after thirty years, the existence of which is denied by the person concerned”.

“I must also point out that all this happens because the press has documents in its hands that could not circulate as they are covered by preliminary secrecy, without the judiciary taking decisive action to put an end to a leak of news that has been going on for too long In this regard, we reserve the right to take all the competent judicial bodies against this unworthy use of confidential information. It must also be said that this leak and the resulting media clamor are even more intolerable – and I say this in this case not only as Silvio Berlusconi’s lawyer, but also as a citizen – because they occur precisely on days when the president is hospitalized and is fighting a very delicate battle. , in violation of the law and without any respect for people?” concludes Perroni.