Berlusconi, the man who broke all protocols

TV, politics, economics, justice, sports, gossip and more. Silvio Berlusconi divided Italy: who was with him and who was against him. Now the Cav is gone and an era ends with him

It happened, indeed it is succession that is written almost the same.

Let’s try this: Arcore Bridge is down, because in the end Silvio was our Queen Elizabeth for how long and how he was, everywhere. There were years when you could change every subject and keep talking only about him. It was TV, politics, economics, justice, sports, gossip, houses, books, car trips and newspaper sheets. And the strange spell that existed between Italy and Silvio Berlusconi cannot actually be explained. Possibly the most named name ever in our history. Long name for newspapers, to be shortened to Silvio, Cav, B. (GOODBYE BERLUSCONI. THE SPECIAL – THE UPDATES)

On the Cav a divided country

Italy divided it: with Berlusconi or against Berlusconi. Berlusconi how nice, Berlusconi how rich, Berlusconi absolute evil, Berlusconi breaking the monopoly, breaking the protocols. And all the rest: allow me, be restrained, that way of pronouncing club, the polka dot tie, never with a beard, Forza Italia, there are so many of us with words to sing like at Karaoke, the communists, the horns, the cuckoos, Mr Obama, This flag is us only, The bandana, Sardinia, Neapolitan songs, French ones, cruises, girls, red robes, Grazioli palace, Arcore, Certosa villa, cacti, fake volcano, total white to the sea, the mausoleum in Arcore, the processes, lower taxes for all, the worker president, the bunga bunga, the phone calls, the elegant dinners.

The end of an era

Anointed by the Lord, The Knight, His Emittenza, The Doctor, Popes, The Arch-Italian who gave houses with lakes to the Milanese, Dallas and Drive In to the Italians, all the trophies to the Milan fans, a miracle promised to the country he loves. Many have been the Television he was the Television. In the end Berlusconi lived there on TV, today is the end of an era, his was his. Which is plastic, physical, has its body and its face, all part of the great story. The greasepaint, the hair, the prostate, the eyes, the heels, everything was x-rayed. From the sun in the pocket and rosettes to the latest wobbly videos, from videotapes to double-breasted tik tok taks, from jokes and horns to the G7 to fake weddings and highlighters on the San Raffaele table. From conventions and live phone calls in talks, to continuous steps in that eternal return to the field that have been the last few years and the heir never found.

A piece of Italian history

Old age has been denied, avoided, his death exorcised, rejected by those who loved him, evoked by those who hated him. It is the end of an era, of which he built signs and dreams, the imaginary and the unimaginable. An Italian story, which smacks of Hollywood and cruises, of The Beautiful and TeleMike, of sexy comedy and legend, of seven lives in one and of a perennial short circuit between interests and emotions. With the consequences that are stars, cinema, pop music rather than politics. He had almost convinced us that he was immortal. While we read everywhere “Silvio Berlusconi is dead” there is a part of us that thinks: what will Silvio Berlusconi say now?