Berlusconi to the elderly: “A pension increase to 1,000 euros will be done” – Video

The words of the Forza Italia leader: “We promised it and we will do it”

Minimum pensions at 1000 euros? “We promised and we will.” Word of Silvio Berlusconiwhich in a video appeal to vote for the next regional elections reaffirms one of the strengths of the Forza Italia program.

“We at Forza Italia – explains the Cav – never forget the commitments we have made with the voters. And the increase in pensions to a minimum of 1000 euros for everyone, the elderly and the disabled, was and is a goal we want to achieve at any cost in this legislature. So far in the budget law – he adds – we have obtained a first increase to 600 euros. It is only the first step, achieved despite the very little time available and despite the need to use many resources for expensive bills, to help families and businesses in difficulty”.

“So our commitment to bring pensions to 1000 euros remains absolute. We promised it and we will do it”, adds the blue leader, who explains in the post: “For us, the promises made during the electoral campaign are sacred. Only we of Come on Italy we have this project for the elderly, only we have already demonstrated that we keep these commitments when we were in government. I remind you that with my government, in 2001, we brought the minimum pensions to one million of the old lire “, he concludes.