Berlusconi, Travaglio: “Embarrassing day with beatification”

“The worst service we can do to Berlusconi is to paint him as a saint”

“Today we witnessed an embarrassing day of beatification. We are now forced to say what we think: we cannot say the opposite of what we thought of a person when he was alive…”. These are the words of Marco Travaglio, director of Fatto Quotidiano, at eight and a half on La7.

“Let’s avoid this hypocrisy: the worst service we can do to Berlusconi is to paint him as a holy card. If he had been a holy card, he would not have gotten one vote. His constituents voted for him because they knew he was a nice rogue. When we wrote about his trials , he telephoned Padellaro and said ‘you wrote that I have fake hair, come to Palazzo Chigi to check…’ He has cleared behaviors that were previously hidden from customs: pig, in the sense of things that must not be done, has become nice. He extolled tax evasion at the Guardia di Finanza party, these are the damages that we will bring and that have been removed. I am sorry to mention them this evening, we should at least wait for the funeral but it is not possible because the beatification has taken place, in spite of the dead”.