Berlusconi: “With the stop of preventive authorizations at least one million places” – Video

“Anyone wishing to raise a shutter, build or even just renovate a house, just send a registered letter or a Pec”

“Let’s free citizens and businesses from the chains of bureaucracy. Because the economy needs to get back on track and the country’s recovery depends on its productive categories”. Thus Silvio Berlusconi in a video on his social channels, entitled ‘Italy is the country I love”. “The State – he adds – must be their ally, not an obstacle or a mountain to climb. This is why Forza Italia wants to simplify the bureaucratic administration”.

“Because those with courage and initiative, those who want to open a new business or construct a building, must be put in a position to do so without being forced to face an inextricable labyrinth of authorizations, which risk bringing down every project, making every desire to do”, he underlines. “I’m working on a bill that will change all of this: anyone wishing to raise a shutter, anyone wishing to build or even just renovate a house will just need to send a registered letter or certified e-mail to the relevant municipality, and the next day they will be able to start working “, explains the blue leader.

“In this way we will cancel the perverse mechanism of preventive authorizations, introducing a posteriori control systems at the end of the works and providing for penalties in the event of violation of urban planning laws. The association of Italian builders has calculated that with the abolition of preventive authorizations they will create at least one million new jobs in a short time. If you agree too, you must help us by going to vote and of course, by voting for us, for Forza Italia “, he concludes.