Berlusconi, Zangrillo: “Dear president, I apologize”

The personal doctor of the former prime minister on Twitter: “I can’t find the words. You and I understood each other”

Dear President, I apologize but I cannot find the words. She and I understood each other“. So on Twitter Alberto Zangrillopersonal doctor of former prime minister Silvio Berlusconi who died today at the San Raffaele in Milan, posting a photo of him together with the president of Forza Italia.

“I do not have anything to say. It’s not the day,” said Zangrillo who arrived on foot at Villa San Martino, in Arcore, where the coffin of the leader of Forza Italia is located.

In 2006 Berlusconi underwent meniscus surgery by Prof. Marc Martens in a Belgian clinic. And already at his side was Alberto Zangrillo, who had become a personal doctor, almost a shadow. A few months later, at the end of the year, the owner of Mediaset falls ill in Montecatini: he faints and collapses on stage, but recovers shortly after, refusing the ambulance. Then he will remain at the San Raffaele for 2 days for observation. He will be operated on in the USA, in Cleveland, Ohio, a month later when they implant a pacemaker.

His famous words ”drink immediately” in November 2013 on the stage of the National Council of the PDL when after an hour and a half of the rally, the tired Cav clings to the lectern due to a drop in blood pressure: on that occasion the doctor went up on stage to help him recover.

Since 2014, Zangrillo and his team have been concerned above all by the heart of the Cav. In 2015 the pacemaker operation at San Raffaele. A year later what he would define as a ”very painful test” awaited him: the open heart operation to replace the aortic valve once again at the San Raffaele. ” He really risked his life ”, said Zangrillo.

The force leader’s 2020 will be marked by Covid: on 2 September, after his summer stay at Villa La Certosa in Sardinia, he tests positive and two days later he is hospitalized at the San Raffaele for an onset of bilateral pneumonia: he will leave the Milanese hospital ten days later, on September 14th. The virus manifests itself in a very aggressive form.

And we arrived at the beginning of April 2023, when Berlusconi was forced to go to the San Raffaele for a lung infection. Zangrillo has always been close to him.