Bernini to university directors: “Eliminate the constraints that prevent you from investing”

At Palazzo Besso the Minister meets the CoDAU, the organization that brings together the General Managers of the universities

The General Assembly of CoDAU, the organization that brings together the General Managers of all Italian public, private and telematic universities, was held today in the setting of Palazzo Besso in Rome. Before discussing the programmatic documents internally and approving the 2023 budget, the associates were able to obtain from the Minister of University and Research Bernini a brief overview of the Government’s vision and action in relation to the university system, the implementation of investments and the use of PNRR funds, the main measures taken and upcoming initiatives to relaunch the world of research and Italian universities. There are several topics of interest to the CoDAU, including: the extraordinary plan for the technical and administrative staff of the universities and ancillary salaries for new hires; the exemption for universities of expenditure limits for intermediate consumption; the strengthening of the budget available for construction and university residences.

“In recent weeks we have managed to identify problems” explains the Minister. “But also solutions or ideas of possible solutions. The goal is to sort out any open questions. its characterization. The Government indicates a line of a general nature, but then acting on the basis of priorities is a task that falls to the universities. The real challenge for both, for the Government and for the university, will be simplification also to make the opportunities offered structural from the PNRR and consolidate the well-being of the country. It is true that we must spend and spend well, but we must also eliminate the constraints that do not allow us to invest in the right direction. The collaboration with Codau and Crui is a satisfaction for me. certain that together we will be able to take the right path. When the university stops, the future stops. One more reason to get to work proactively, facing important challenges with unity of purpose”.