Bersani: “A piece of the system treats Elly Schlein as a caricature”

The former secretary of the Democratic Party spoke about it in an interview with “La Repubblica”. “Don’t let yourself be provoked by teasing, distancing, controversies. Maintain a unitary profile. Well, you have to keep going,” he said, referring to the current secretary

There is “a piece of the system that is treating Elly like a speck”. The former secretary of the Democratic Party, Pier Luigi Bersani, said this in an interview with the newspaper “La Repubblica”. “If they looked at Schlein from below instead of from above they would see that the perplexities of part of our generations are the hope of part of the new ones,” he then added. According to Bersani, Schlein represents “the future of the party. Don’t let yourself be provoked by teasing, distancing or polemics. He maintains a unitary profile. Well, he has to keep going.”

Bersani: “Convinced that a square can be found between the Pd, 5S and Avs”

Bersani then commented on the political situation linked to the center-left also in view of the European elections. “It is urgent to show that the construction of the camp is underway.” And in reference to Giuseppe Conte: “I hope his comments are just tactics. Thinking that the most divisive one will win the competition means staying out like a balcony: in six months from now there will be a wave calling for unity for the alternative.” Speaking of alliances, Bersani said he was “convinced that a square can be found between the Pd, 5S and Avs. But then we need the other strand, the liberal-democratic one. In the past we had Maccanico and Dini as allies, certainly not furnishings. A minority, however precious. Calenda doesn’t want it? We will have to find some other solution. I find some of his positions acceptable and I also respect him, the problem is that he never seems to want to keep his feet in the evening where he put them in the morning”. How to solve the coalition leadership problem? “This is a real topic, you just put it at the end. It is not a question of choosing a foreign pope, but a leader for the alternative field who has universalism against corporatism as the key to the program to hold together a society that is disintegrating.” And did he conclude about himself? “I’m no longer old enough to pull, but I still have the strength to push”.