Best: “From Judge Di Rosa profound words, about Crespi judicial error”

The deputy of Italia Viva and member of the Anti-Mafia Commission writes on Fb

“I read the words spoken at the Hands Off Cain Assembly by the President of the Supervisory Court of Milan, Giovanna Di Rosa, on case of Ambrogio Crespi. In her speech, President Di Rosa stressed the need to overcome the purely retributive sense of punishment and, elevating it to an illuminating example, to understand the grace, which many have asked for, for Ambrogio Crespi as a means of reparation-remedy for possible inconsistencies of the system with respect to the sense of substantial justice ‘. These are profound words, which identify the sense of profound constitutional culture, but above all which are of fundamental importance for the new generations. “Thus on Facebook Gennaro Migliore, deputy of Italia Viva and member of the Anti-Mafia Commission.

“We are all called to deal with the sense of penalties – he adds – in light of the constitutional provision and the need to make our society a safer place. Ambrose has represented for many a sure point of reference in promoting the culture of legality and of the fight against the mafias. His story is paradoxical and the error in the judgment is certain. This is why I consider Judge Di Rosa’s words to be very significant, capable of saying, without any cultural subordination, that the penal system is a fundamental institutional infrastructure, which must however be constantly maintained “.

“Therefore – he concludes – I will never stop fighting for pardon for Crespi, because it is the right thing for him to do, but also the right thing for us is for all those who believe in right justice “.