Betting, ‘Juve blocks Fagioli’ and Azmoun’s horses: the fake news on the case

Names of footballers not involved in the investigation, dates and events that do not exist

Certain news and fake news. The betting case, which shakes Italian football, travels on two parallel tracks. On the one hand the certain facts, such as the sentence inflicted on Nicolò Fagioli – 7 months of disqualification plus 5 in alternative prescriptions – and on the other an assorted array of fake news including inaccuracies, inventions, revelations announced and then stopped. It’s impossible that a topic as hot as this “betting case” could escape this shame, with social media going crazy looking for the “hoax”. At the center of the story is undoubtedly Fabrizio Corona, who, between statements on Instagram and hosted on TV, has become a protagonist. However, not always precise in detail.

In fact, remaining on the subject of Beans, during an interview with Sportitalia, the former VIP photographer revealed that the Juventus midfielder “did not go on tour because the club wanted to clean him up and knew everything from August 1st”. Temporal inconsistencies, because the Old Lady’s tour in the United States started on July 22, with the boy at home to continue recovering from the collarbone injury suffered in the final of last season against Sevilla – to which tonsillitis was added – and since the return of Allegri’s men to Italy on 3 August, there has been no further departure of Juventus abroad.

Another statement from Corona that has raised more than a few doubts is the one on Sardar Azmoun. Upon the announcement with great fanfare on the Dillingernews Instagram page of “an incredible video of a Roma player who…”, it was discovered that the Iranian player, in the stands at the Olympic stadium during a Giallorossi match, was intent on watching a match horse racing on his smartphone. In addition to the fact that it is not forbidden for players to bet on disciplines other than football, as Agipronews reminds us, the Asian’s passion for horses is now in the public domain, born from a family tradition, with Azmoun himself – between Iran and Australia – owner of 52 horses.

The latest “fake news” in chronological order dates back to Wednesday 18 October, the day after Corona was hosted on the Rai show “Avanti Popolo”. During the delivery of the tapir, broadcast on “Striscia la Notizia”, ​​the Catania-born entrepreneur declared the implication of three other footballers in the scandal: Stephan El Shaarawy, Federico Gatti and Nicolò Casale. News not confirmed by the Turin prosecutor’s office: there is no evidence of their involvement in the documents. During the chat with the program correspondent, Valerio Staffelli, Corona again underlined the presence of a “video/audio where the three players can be heard talking about bets while dribbling”, but the three, in addition to having never played for the same club, have never been called up to the national team in the same window. Statement poorly digested by El Shaarawy and Casale’s lawyers, who immediately reiterated the two players’ involvement in the events.

“The betting affair? I’m sorry for the players but there must be rules”, says Arrigo Sacchi during a speech on Radio 1 in the program “A Sheep’s Life”. Not exactly fake news, in the case of the former Italian coach. In Italy, however, the rules exist and are very clear, as Article 24 of the FIGC regulation clearly explains: “subjects of the federal system, managers, members and members of companies belonging to the professional sector are prohibited from carrying out or accepting bets, directly or indirectly, also from parties authorized to receive them, which have as their object results relating to official matches organized within the FIGC, FIFA and UEFA”. No football betting for footballers, there’s no escape.