Beverly Hills 90210, with its charm conquered Brandon Walsh: here it is 28 years later

In Beverly Hills 90210 she played a very charming and somewhat ‘dangerous’ woman: you will be speechless to see her many years later.

If we all loved the iconic show madly Beverly Hills 90210, it is certainly also for the skill and charisma of the protagonists. But not only: to contribute to the worldwide success of the historian teen dramawere also the actors who took part in it for limited periods and who made the plot almost always more compelling.

Beverly Hills actress today (Credits: Youtube)

One of them certainly was Dina Meyeractress at the time 25, who played the role of the beautiful and intriguing Lucinda Nicholson. University professor married to a colleague from California University, she is impressed by the student Brandon Walsh and does everything to conquer it. The two begin a clandestine relationship behind her husband’s back and, some time later, Dawn does not hesitate to aim for another equally young prey or Dylan McKayBrandon’s best friend and at that stage engaged to Kelly Taylor.

In short, an extremely charming and unscrupulous woman who will cause many problems to the upright Walsh! Meyer worked on twelve episodes of the series, during the season 1993/1994. She was born on December 22, 1968 in the Big Apple, she has been passionate about dance and acting since she was a child and she is a graduate of Long Island University. Almost thirty years have passed since her participation in Beverly Hills 90210seeing it now will leave you speechless.

It was Lucinda Nicholson in Beverly Hills 90210: as she is after all these years

Three years a year after the experience in the famous TV series, Dina lands on the set of Johnny Mnemonic, 1995 film directed by Robert Longo. Other roles in various productions for the small and large screen will follow, including the thriller D-Tox with Sylvester Stallone.

Not everyone remembers it, but the actress also appeared in Friends, another very successful US series aimed at young audiences. When we saw her unleashing all the charm of her on the set of the show produced by Aaron Spelling, Meyer had beautiful red curls that highlighted her green eyes with which she enchanted men. Now that almost three decades have passed since then, have you ever wondered how she became her?

Now he is 53 years old and on his very active Instagram profile we can see how he is currently. Well, we were literally speechless: as you can see from the photo we show you, Dina Meyer is still enchanting and her face does not seem aged at all. Her magnetic eyes remained her strong point, but the total lack of wrinkles on her face should be emphasized. Here we even see it without makeup, but nevertheless it looks identical to 28 years ago! Only the hair is no longer red as it once was, but more tending to blond.

Beverly Hills years later
Beverly Hills former interpreter now (Credits: Instagram)

Did its beauty also strike you at the time?