Beyoncé, new single is “Break My Soul”

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A little less than a week after the official announcement of a new album coming – Renaissance – next July 29, Beyoncé he amazed all the fans by releasing the first single from the record project, whose full listening is almost upon us. The song is called Break My Soul and, paired with Jason White, is already pretty strong on Spotify and other digital music platforms, following its morning release of Tuesday 21 June. Here’s what it’s about.

Break My Soul is the first song extracted from Act I – Renaissance

It is with a wonderful shot shared on social networks in which Beyoncé appears behind glass, in a dark blonde bob, mask and a black mermaid dress and gloves, similar to the iconic Jessica Rabbit, which the American pop star announced, in the early hours of Tuesday 21 Junethe unexpected release of Break My Soulfirst official single from Renaissancehis sixth studio album, coming with his first chapter – Act I – next July 29th. The cover of Break My Soul after all, it has the same concept as the disc, with its title imprinted in contrasting white on a black background, but it is a number “6” written right in front of the title of the song, to reveal its official position in the 16-episode story, which will be the tracklist of Renaissance. Break My Soul is played by Beyoncè paired with the guitarist Jason Whitewhile the writing of his text was committed by a really rich artistic collective with Adam Pigott, Allen George, Beyoncè herself, Christopher Stewart, Fred McFarlane, Freddie Ross, S. Carter and Terius Nash, some of whom also dealt with the production of the piece.

The meaning of Break My Soul

With Break My SoulBeyoncé starts the heralded experiment of Renaissance which sees her perform on songs that also deviate from her usual pop, soul and R&B to approach dance and country music. The new single has in fact nothing to envy to the summer hits and the perfect songs to go wild on the dance floor, with sounds that recall the typical dance house of the 90s and early 2000s. The meaning of the song is the search for liberation from all that can be oppressive for our life and our soul, to the sound of “You won’t break my soul” in the chorus, which seems like a real mantra to regain energy and vitality.