Biagio Antonacci, a unique event in September with 10 dates at the Vittoriale

A unique event

Biagio Antonacci will be the protagonist of a truly unique and unforeseen event for his many fans: in September, in fact, he will be the protagonist of 10 events at the Vittoriale Amphitheater in Gardone Riviera (Bs). It is the first time that the Vittoriale degli Italiani, the house-museum commissioned by Gabriele D’Annunzio, has been granted for 10 consecutive dates to an Italian pop artist. Tickets for the ten dates (17-18-20-21-22-24-25-27-28-29 September), produced and organized by Friends & Partners in collaboration with Iris Srl, are available from today, 25 January.

The words of Biagio Antonacci

Announcing the dates, Antonacci recalled that “the Vittoriale degli Italiani was a place where I often went, since I was a child, with my parents. Growing up, when I started making music, I often thought about the possibility of being able to play in such an important place for our country, a historical place and at the same time important for Italian culture.” After 5 years of waiting Biagio Antonacci has released his new album The beginninghis sixteenth studio album, which debuted on the podium of the ranking of the best-selling and most listened to records in our country (in second place in the Vinyl, CD and Music Cassette ranking). The beginning collects a total of 15 songs written in the last four years and left to settle before turning from thoughts to real songs.

The probable lineup

In addition to the new single Dinner with the godsthe songs published between 2022 and 2023 (Serious, Soap opera and the collaboration with Benny Benassi in Three-dimensional) and the new version of the 2007 hit dream about me (in collaboration with Tananai and Don Joe born on the occasion of his participation as a guest in the 2023 edition of the Sanremo Festival), the album contains the unreleased songs: The beginning, Delivery, It happened, Anita, Let yourself think, Tell me about her, It was enough to live, Let’s not be informal, I don’t want to wake you, I conjure.


Tickets for Biagio Antonacci’s concerts at the Vittoriale are on sale on the TicketOne circuit. Here is the complete concert calendar:

  • September 17, 2024
  • September 18, 2024
  • September 20, 2024
  • September 21, 2024
  • September 22, 2024
  • September 24, 2024
  • September 25, 2024
  • September 27, 2024
  • September 28, 2024
  • September 29, 2024