Biagio Antonacci, announced the new single Telenovela

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A few days to the new song of the songwriter. In the past few hours Biagio Antonacci announced the arrival of Soap opera also sharing the official cover.

biagio antonacci, the post on instagram

Everything is ready for the release of another success by Biagio Antonacci who revealed the news on the Instagram profile from more than 900,000 followers who follow his life daily.

The artist communicated that the song Soap opera will make its debut in a few days, more precisely Friday 2 September. At the same time, the singer also showed the cover of the song, receiving numerous comments and over 8,000 likes, a symbol of the great expectation from the public.

Biagio Antonacci wrote: “Balance must always be trained. It’s time for my favorite Telenovela ”.

Over the years Biagio Antonacci has established himself as one of the great protagonists of the national record scene, among his most loved albums You make Me Feel good, Vicky Love, Unexpected And Love entails.

As for the songs, we find Iris (among your poems), We don’t keep company, good morning beautiful soul, I no longer live without you And I rarely think of you.