Biagio Antonacci presents his new album The Beginning: “I wish everyone revolution!”

The interview

In a Milanese club, with a bar counter behind it, Biagio Antonacci, 30 years of career behind him, greets us with that smile and energy that have always distinguished him. “The beginning of the revolution”, he answers our first question like this and continues: “I hope that there is a revolution underway, I wish everyone a revolution, because standing still, not looking, not observing, not judging, not criticizing is not enough. The period of common sense is over, because the world goes against common sense and therefore it is better not to have common sense. We must try to fight this “non-common sense”. Impotence scares me, it scares me to be tied up, my body freezes in the face of humanitarian massacre but my head cries and suffers” .


The chat continues by talking about fatherhood, Biagio became a father again in 2021: “Perhaps I live more lightly having become a father again, I live my new fatherhood more lightly, even though the world isn’t that great. The world is a sum of thoughts that continue to make mistakes, a sum of wrong actions, see the lack of humanity… I believe that a child is a hope. To think that in 30 years, when I will no longer be here, he will be a young Antonacci who will also have children and maybe one will be called Biagio… think how beautiful! Let’s say that in 2100 there will be someone else who will bear my name, who knows. It is not a question of ego but it is a question of projecting, if you feel you have lived in the name of noble ideals. I think that fatherhood, the fact of transmitting life to other lives, is a gift! A gift that we can use without fear because, if we all stop, the famous extinction will arrive, which I predict but in several years. Let’s continue until the edge of extinction but believe it, so let’s reproduce.”

Courage and freedom

“Courage means going outside the status quo of our life – he continues – they taught us that we had to have a permanent job, take out a mortgage for 30 years and live in the same house, swear eternal love but all this did not serve to free man but it served to make him a prisoner of a concept. Freedom means taking a leap outside these patterns and starting to live with new beginnings because only with new beginnings can you travel different paths, different emotions, different loves, you can no longer be afraid of loving and to leave a certain love to open yourself up to the next love which could be worse but also better. As long as man stays in a so-called comfort zone, which regulates him, he will never be able to evolve, he will never be able to become better. Personally, I am a victim but not a slave of everyday life, despite the fact that my job allows me to manage my schedule and days, then in any case the life that is around me is a life with patterns. Patterns that lead you not to be aware that you are an essence, that it is you, that after you comes the world, not the rest, after you there is life, not the end.”

The new Album

“The beginning is obvious, if I had to title my album today I would no longer call it ‘The beginning’ but I would call it ‘the circle, the round’. Like the orientals who consider the circle of life a perpetual round, not with a beginning and an end. I made a mistake, sorry – I apologize. An album born from many reflections but also made up of collaborations, including the one with Benny Benassi. “Benny Benassi, he tells us, is the greatest DJ we have in Italy and internationally When I made him listen to “Three-dimensional” he told me that he made dance music and I replied that I made pop. I played him the song on piano and voice and he constructed a song, defining it as dance, with a delicacy, respecting the song. It’s not easy because the arranger dismembers a classic song, he usually breaks the mold but he kept faith with what the groove was, the intention… and it became a fun song.”

The revolution

We keep talking jumping from one topic to another but ultimately this is life. “I hate the lack of courage, sometimes even on my part, and the lack of light and esteem towards others, she states. There is a lack of benevolence towards others. Revolution means removing these bonds of my body that I have when looking at humanity today and starting to do something beautiful for someone even physically, being able to bring my body into a situation of defense against someone, because the head is already there, the no body, like the body of someone who should do more for humanity but who is sitting and chatting. I would like to do something for children, I am collaborating with Save The Children, an international humanitarian network. We have to get our asses out of the chair, otherwise it’s too easy…” And so our conversation comes full circle.

The tracklist of “The Beginning”

01. The beginning

02. Delivery

3. Dinner with the gods

04. It happened

05. Anita

06. Let yourself think

07. Three-dimensional featuring Benny Benassi

08. Tell me about her

09. Telenovela

10. Dream about me featuring Tananai and Don Joe

11. Just living

12. Let’s not use first names

13. Serious

14. I don’t want to wake you

15. I conjure

During these 5 years of waiting Antonacci wrote, traveled and played around all of Italy leading between 2022 and 2023 along the peninsula first a very successful tour in the main Italian arenas which saw him meet his audience every evening at the center of the venue (THE CENTRAL STAGE TOUR) and then retrace his greatest successes in the main summer festivals and shows (the BIAGIO ANTONACCI SUMMER 2023).