Bianca Atzei confesses: “It wasn’t easy”, the background never told before

For the first time ever, Bianca Atzei reveals a background that she had never told: the singer leaves everyone speechless.

After the immense pain of a few months ago, a great joy has arrived: Bianca Atzei has announced that she is pregnant again. Only a little while before, in fact, the singer had revealed to her supporters that she had lost her first pregnancy with an Instagram post. Now, after a few months, with a shot that portrays her in the company of Stefano Corti and a belly in good evidence, the beautiful Atzei has announced that she is pregnant with her.

Background Atzei. Credits: Mediaset Play

However cruel it may be many times, life is just like that: unpredictable. A few months after the incredible drama experienced, Bianza Atzei lives one of the most magical moments a woman can ever experience in her life: pregnancy. From the photos of her shared on her social networks, you can clearly perceive all the happiness that both she and her partner are experiencing. And we all can’t help but be happy with her.

It is right after announcing her pregnancy that Bianca Atzei he couldn’t help but tell his followers and answer some of their most ‘curious’ questions. It is on this occasion that she unveiled a background which until now he had never revealed before. “It wasn’t easy”, he said.

Bianca Atzei tells a background never revealed before

After so much suffering, for Bianca Atzei and Stefano Corti the serene has finally returned: they are expecting their first child! Great news, as you can clearly understand, that both could not help but share with their social audience.

It is precisely with her supporters that, some time ago, Bianca Atzei spoke through the classic ‘questions and answers’ of Instagram. Responding to all the curiosities of her supporters, however, the singer has been extensively told, revealing some background that until now he had never told before. She revealed, for example, that she has absolutely no ‘preference’ on the baby’s sex, the important thing is that the baby is fine. Finally, she also confessed to her audience that trying to have a baby again at first wasn’t easy at all. The pain felt for the first pregnancy, unfortunately, was really immense and, even, Bianca couldn’t even talk about it. As time went by and, more importantly, when she finally felt ready, the couple tried again. “We must feel good inside first”, Bianca told her followers.

bianca atzei behind the scenes
IG Story Atzei. Credits: Instagram

Bianca Atzei’s strength is teaching! The Sardinian singer, in fact, perfectly embodies the spirit of a real warrior. We wish the couple and the unborn child a lot of happiness.