Bianca Atzei ‘dares’ with the manicure: the nail polish chosen is of a really intense shade

Bianca Atzei dares with a manicure: this time the singer has chosen a nail polish with a really intense shade.

Bianca Atzei is pregnant, announced the pregnancy on July 21 by publishing a post with a shot and a video that thrilled everyone. In the image of her, Stefano Corti, her partner, gives her a kiss on the belly while in her video there is the ultrasound of the child who is about to arrive: “We wanted you more than anything else in the world“, He writes.

Bianca Atzei, manicur and (credits: instagram)

The singer in recent weeks has continued to work and carry out her tour. She has moved to different Italian cities showing off her growing belly as she grows. The couple is over the moon, she has found her happiness after seeing her disappear last year, when she Bianca she announced that she had lost the baby she was carrying.

She felt ready to become a mother so much that that desire had turned into the thing she most wanted in the world. Now she is about to come true, she and Stefano will become parents. Corti will become a father for the second time, she has a first child named Gabriele born from a previous relationship. Bianca shows this happiness on her social networks where there are many shots that she recently published in which she shows her tummy and expresses the joy she feels. She is quite active on her instagram channel. Those who follow her will have noticed that in these days she has changed her manicure: have you seen the new nail polish?

Bianca Atzei shows the new manicure: this time the chosen nail polish is of a very intense shade

She is very active on social networks where her instagram channel is followed by thousands of people. Bianca in recent weeks, after announcing that she is pregnant, she has shared a series of shots in which she shows her tummy growing: “My every thought is for you growing inside of me every day“, He writes in support of a post in which she is portrayed in two images at the sea.

And she can’t wait to show the sea to the child who will be born as she herself writes below to another series of images, where she made him rock him by the waves. Bianca in addition to posting photos also shares many stories, we often see her with her partner Stefano Corti in moments that are very funny. Recently she has instead devoted some time to herself and remade her nails: have you seen her new manicure?

white atzei manicure
Bianca atzei, polish (credits: instagram)

It is very simple but he chose a color with a fairly intense tone, it is a light and bright violet. The nails are not very long and the shape is square wavy but not quite circular. This shade gives a particular effect, it is natural but catches the attention even from a distance.