Bianca Atzei happily shows her growing tummy: the pregnancy is going well

Bianca Atzei happily shows her growing tummy in some shots: the pregnancy is going well.

Bianca Atzei announced on 21 July that she was pregnant. She shared a shot in which she shows her tummy while her partner Stefano Corti gives her a kiss: “We wanted you more than anything else in the world. We are waiting for you and we will give you all our love “, wrote in support.

Bianca Atzei, pancino (credits: instagram)

The singer is full of joy today but in 2021 she found herself facing a delicate moment after losing the baby she had in her womb. She only revealed it later: “When you realize that you feel ready to become a mother, that turns into the thing you most want in the world and it doesn’t matter how many days you have to have hormone injections in your belly and all. And after more than a year it happens “. Unfortunately, that happiness was canceled out when she learned that the pregnancy had ended a few months later.

Today, after so much pain, she can smile again, holding the child she has longed for in her womb. In the last few days the singer has returned to her homeland, Sardinia, and she has taken a series of photos while she is at the sea and shows her tummy. Shots that leave you speechless to see them!

Bianca Atzei in pregnancy: the singer shows her growing tummy

Bianca Atzei is one of the most loved and appreciated Italian singers on the music scene, since its debut it has collected more and more success and the satisfactions have not been lacking. On social media she is followed by over 800 thousand followers and it is on her instagram channel that she made it known at the end of July that she was pregnant.

The partner is Stefano Corti, they have been together for a few years and they are very beautiful. Surely laughter is not lacking in everyday moments. Since she announced her pregnancy, the singer has posted a series of photos showing her growing tummy. The first photo dates back to July 21: “We wanted you more than anything else in the world. We are waiting for you and we will give you all our love “. In recent days she has also interacted with those who follow her by answering some questions, in particular she talked about the sweet expectation and how she is proceeding. But have you seen the beauty of the photos she shared on her profile?

bianca atzei pregnancy
Bianca Atzei, shot (credits: instagram)

Here is a shot that she published herself, it is breathtakingly beautiful. In support of the post you wrote: “Today I wanted to be lulled by the waves of the sea. I can’t wait to show it to you “. The tummy grows slowly and makes it even brighter. Bianca is happy and as she writes, she can’t wait to show the sea to her son that she is about to arrive.