Bianca Atzei: “In life I am attentive, I observe and listen. And I live for my son Noa”

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The “free song” of Bianca Atzei was born from the desire to collect in one disc some of the most famous songs in the history of Italian music, to which she is strongly attached, and which in the months preceding the birth of the little Noah she sang to create, through music, a deep bond with her son, and to infuse him and herself with peace and tranquility.

Bianca let’s start from the story of “Il Mio Canto Libero” where, in my opinion, not only do you use your voice in all its nuances but you managed not to make a cover album but you reinterpreted the songs giving them your soul.

I want Noa Alexander to know them one day, today it’s too easy to lose certain songwriting school classics. I’d like to transfer this to him. Then it is also a dedication of the mothers and fathers for their children of the Noa generation. They are poems, above all “The cure”. As for the voice, people are used to my timbre being a bit scratched but here being lullabies I don’t always use my style. I resorted to falsettos and softer vocals to stick to the arrangement.
I know they are all songs that accompanied you during your pregnancy. But I also believe that there were many more songs to keep you company: why did you select these?

I made a selection together with my producer Diego Calvetti. There were also “I who love only you” by Sergio Endrigo, a phrase that I tattooed myself, e “Today it’s me” by Alex Britti…but I had to give up.
Let’s try to get into the soul of the songs. “Little by little” it’s a song of hope with that flower that grows in our garden that not even winter can freeze: is this how you imagine the future? A flower that resists everything? Maybe Lucio Battisti’s wild roses or Francesco De Gregori’s ripe corn in the fields?

At home it’s a bit dark so there are no flowers but I love them madly and tulips are my favourite. For young people I hope they are able to face life by always getting up, pulling themselves up because the flower that falls regenerates, his is a constant getting up and it is the teaching that I would like to pass on.
Are you the sweet companion who does not know how to ask de “My free song”? The sentiment that flies over people’s accusations represents some moments in your life, when you were judged for no reason and by those who had no right to. Are you feeling stronger today?

If I went back I would speak, I would give voice to moods and I would not block feelings. Unfortunately I was blocked and never answered. In life I am attentive, observe and listen. I ask questions but above all I love to observe.
When is the last time you heard the sound of a harmonica in your soul and where did it take you?

Seven months pregnant in my bedroom. I heard a very sweet sound that made me want to create the album. It was, it is only my bond and my son’s.
“Goodnight sweetheart” is perhaps the most lullaby song: I ask you which was your favorite lullaby and if you gave your child “wings bigger than you”.

I try to give them to him, I feel immense with him near me. My lullabies were special: all the Elvis albums and related films, then Vasco and Renato Zero. I have seen an infinite number of concerts by Renato.
Is throwing a huge heart among the stars courage, madness, emotional masochism or what?

No masochism. It’s more romance.
In the season of social networks and Tinder what is the secret for “without saying a word I will take you into my heart”?

Throw away your cell phone, even if it’s not easy. Before Noa there was only that, now I don’t care, it’s all in the background, even I arrive later, the winner is what makes me feel good with him and what makes him feel good.
Is “Just for you” love and melancholy? As the text says “is something that looks like you”?
I recognize myself in it, every day I wake up melancholy and I like it. During pregnancy, situations were exacerbated and then compensated for by the strong state of mind of pregnancy. In fact the arrangement is darker.
“I know the laws of the world and I will give them to you”: which is the first one you will teach your child?

To know good and evil, surely. She will try to teach him what can scare him and what not, what to be afraid of and what not. Other rules I don’t know.
Do you have any new music?

I wrote some things that I haven’t read yet. During my pregnancy I would record melodies or dream them and wake up to jot them down. I have at least half the album ready.
What will happen in the coming weeks?
The tour started with the first dates. I look forward to the one at the Balera dell’Ortica in Milan on September 16th. You can find the updated calendar on my social networks.
Is Noa coming with you?

It’s too small! The baby stays home with his grandmother and father when he is not around for work.