Bianca Atzei shows everyone the ultrasound: a ‘detail’ does not go unnoticed

Bianca Atzei and Stefano Corti show the ultrasound of their baby: the shot hides a very, very unique ‘surprise’.

Happy time for Bianca Atzei who, after the painful loss of her first pregnancy, is finally being able to savor the joys of sweet expectation. After going through a difficult moment following her disappointment for her miscarriage, now the singer returns to smile together with her partner Stefano Corti.

Bianca Atzei, all speechless (Credits: Instagram)

Through social media, the Sardinian-born artist is sharing the best moments of these first months with his followers and, why not, even the funniest ones. Just these days, she and the ex Hyena made everyone smile with a truly hilarious Instagram post. Always united in both difficulties and joys, the two immortalized themselves during one of the usual check-ups at the gynecologist.

In the doctor’s office, Bianca made another one of the first ultrasound scans and no one would have expected that from the image of the baby she is carrying a ‘surprise’ that is nothing short of incredible. The very nice Corti did not miss the opportunity to show the hilarious detail by adding a line of his.

Bianca Atzei, the ultrasound goes viral: a funny detail appears

It is not yet known for sure whether the famous couple is about to welcome a boy or a girl. In this regard, a few days ago Bianca Atzei revealed in a question box on Instagram that she has no preferences in this regard and that the only important thing for her is that the baby is healthy.

Apparently, however, what would already be evident of the unborn child is his playful and ironic character, evidently inherited from his father. Yes, because in the ultrasound shown on the social networks his little hand appears that seems to make a very specific gesture, that is that of the horns! Corti did not hesitate to comment on the bizarre shot, snatching a laugh from the fans: “Do you think it does the horns to warn me of something?” She wrote. Some users added jokingly: “You can’t go wrong, it’s your son!”, Referring to the innate humor of the baby.

Then, once back home, in some Ig stories we saw the future dad enter the room while Atzei burst out with laughter and say: “I’m sorry, there is no c … or to laugh I tell you!”. The singer pretended to ask him in turn: “But why did he cut my horns?”. “Are you asking me? I should ask you! ”, He replied.

In short, a truly unmissable curtain from which you can perceive all the harmony and joy with which Bianca and Stefano are experiencing one of the most magical phases of their life.

Bianca Atzei ultrasound
Bianca Atzei, twist (Credits: Instagram)

Have you ever seen such an original ultrasound before?