Bianca Atzei, the new single is Playa Nera with Bombai and GetFar

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Bianca Atzei, I bombed And Get Far they joined on the notes of the summer hit Playa Black. In recent days, the YouTube channel of Apollo Records has distributed the official video clip of the song already getting tens of thousands of viewsthe.

playa nera, the video clip on youtube

Bianca Atzei’s voice combined with Bombai’s style and Get Far’s creative flair gave birth to Playa Nera. The song immediately received excellent acclaim from audiences and critics, making it a candidate for the hottest season of the year.

Also, just now Apollo Records distributed the official video clip of the single, featuring the artists.

Over the years Bianca Atzei has conquered the charts with hugely successful singles, among the most famous True love, The fear I have of losing you, You will laugh And Now only you exist.

In April this year the artist, class 1987has released the new unreleased album Veronicadriven by the individual John Travolta with i Wood.