Bianca Atzei’s look a few years ago was very different from today: the shot shows the change

Bianca Atzei a few years ago had a very different look from today: this is how the singer has changed.

Bianca Atzei has such a strong and deep voice that when you listen to it not only makes you shiver but makes you experience those emotions it wants to convey. A voice that in the last months of 2021 found herself struggling with a very strong pain, the loss of the baby she had in her womb.

Bianca Atzei, the look of a few years ago: it was very different from today (Credits: instagram

The singer who had not yet revealed that she was pregnant, keeping that ‘secret’ with her to protect him a little longer, with a post on instagram announced that she had lost it: “When you realize that you feel ready to become a mother, that turns into the thing you most want in the world .. and it doesn’t matter how many days you have to get hormone shots in your belly and all. And after more than a year it happens “this is how Bianca explains the path taken to be able to have a child up to the worst moment: “We were in seventh heaven! Unfortunately that happiness disappeared when we learned that the pregnancy was interrupted after a few months “. And it is with these words that he put pen to paper the pain he felt after an endless wait and those moments of happiness swept away in the blink of an eye.

In recent months he has tried to take back his life and his commitment on a professional level has never failed. Since she made her debut in the world of music she has never disappointed the expectations of the fans, of those who after years are always ready to support her because her voice is like a magnet, she pushes you to listen to her songs always. more than her. But in recent years we have also noticed that she has often changed her look. Do you remember her with short and much darker hair?

Short hair and darker color, a few years ago Bianca Atzei showed a very different look

In the infinitely large circle of artists with a beautiful voice we cannot fail to mention Bianca Atzei. The singer began to take her first steps in the world of music from a very young age until the success that today has completely overwhelmed her.

In recent years she has often changed her look, let’s talk about details. She showed herself with short hair or medium length or longer than usual. She has changed color, she has revived the brightness and much more. But behold, she has never lacked beauty.

bianca atzei look a few years ago
Credits: instagram

This is a not too distant shot from 2018. Atzei wore a fairly short cut that year compared to how we are used to seeing her in the last year and a half. It also had a darker shade while today it has many shades inside. Do you remember her with this look?