Bianca Berlinguer passes to Rete4, the announcement of Pier Silvio Berlusconi

The CEO of Mediaset: “Mauro Corona should also arrive with you, whom I can’t wait to meet”

“From next season a new journalist arrives on Rete4 and I am very happy with her arrival: it is Bianca Berlinguer“. This was announced by the CEO of Mfe-Mediaset Pier Silvio Berlusconi during the presentation of the Mediaset TV schedules.

Bianca Berlinguer, said Pier Silvio Berlusconi, “is a person with whom a true and trusting relationship has been established. Mauro Corona should also arrive with her, whom I can’t wait to meet. It will be broadcast in the evening on Rete4, presumably on Tuesdays, moving Mario Giordano to Wednesdays, but it has yet to be decided. And then there will be an alternation with Nicola Porro in access”.

“I believe this is an important operation that will be able to increase the weight of our information network -added the CEO of Mediaset-. We have transformed Rete 4 from a network of telenovelas into an information network and we have already worked a miracle with high-level products; now we are entering phase 2, trying to broaden the perspectives, with an increasingly transversal audience and weighty professionals”. All this, “will allow us to speak at 360 degrees”. The goal in mind was to “speak in the most transversal way possible. And our ideal to take this step forward was Bianca Berlinguer” So “we started talking a month and a half ago and we established a direct relationship between us”. After all, you concluded, “what counts is the product and the person”.