Biancardi (Bper): “Alongside Fattore R to promote meeting talents”

“From the first edition of ‘R factor‘, Bper Banca has always been a partner and supporter of the initiative. A local bank like Bper has among its primary interests that di stimulate and facilitate the meeting between the best scholars, economists and analysts and the needs of the territory, of the companies and people who live in Romagna and between companies and young talents“He said it Massimo Biancardi, head of Bper Banca’s Emilia East-Romagna Regional Departmenton the occasion of the presentation in Milan of the sixth edition of Fattore R, the Romagna Economic Forum, promoted by Cesena Fiera, EY, Confindustria Romagna and Bper Banca, which will take place in Cesena Fiera on Friday 14 October.

“We could also make a ‘selfish’ speech about the reasons that led Bper Banca towards the partnership with ‘Fattore R’ – added Biancardi – the healthier, stronger and more solid the Romagna companies are, the better we can protect our risks and more The prospects for our bank are also positive. Having a market share in the provinces that make up Romagna of over 15% of the world of loans and of the business world, we certainly cannot escape these opportunities for strengthening improvement “.